I'm not just an app developer

I'm your part-time CTO for the long haul

Hi, I'm Josh Crews. I'm an independent app consultant in Nashville. I help startups and and small businesses build web apps and mobile apps. At heart I'm a business nerd, so my passion is to understand your customers to figure out how software, apps and the internet can add value to them.

This is my consulting business website. I'm available either as your part-time CTO and app developer or for full-blown consulting gigs.

What you can expect

Startup expertise

A successful startup is not determined by excellent code and technical awesomeness (although that helps). A successful startup is one that can discover a need for a group, validate a solution, iterate into a product/market fit, and then rapidly leverage that fit once found.

Ruby expertise

I have 5 years experience building Ruby apps. I am the founder and a co-organizer of Nash.rb, the Ruby meetup in Nashville. I keep code quality high, which keeps your software easy to extend and maintain.

Business Expertise

Before getting into software I was a startup/business consultant, and business was my college major. I love building software, but software is a tool to serve customers not and end itself.

My goal is YOUR Return On Investment

You should find working with me 2x, 5x, 10x returned the amount invested.

If we sit down and don't find huge opportunity in working together, I'll tell you up front it doesn't make sense to hire me.

Working from East Nashville

I've lived in East Nashville since 2006.

Are you my ideal client?

  • Do you see a clear business opportunity?
  • Do you have an audience or niche market?
  • Do you want a working app fast
  • Are you ready for the long-haul of month-after-month working on the business?

Startups I've helped



MogoBooks is book-writing and ecommerce platform for Christian Publishers in churches. It lets publishers create interactive ebooks and sell them to their audience with a beautiful reader experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.

How I helped

I developed Mogobooks using agile methodology with high code-quality and tests. That kept the speed of adding features very high and the frequency of bugs in production low.


Greenpal is the Uber for lawncare. They wanted to write version 2.0 of their app in Ruby (from PHP) because Zach (cofounder) learned Ruby on Rails at the Nashville Software School.

How I helped

I met with Zach for two hours a week pair-programming with him so that their rewrite would be successful. I helped them leapfrog the sandpits of app development and trained Zach in test-driven development so that they can keep adding features easily after I'm not around anymore.


If you need "just a coder", I'm not your guy

You can get 2,3,4X the value out of me by letting me guide your strategy

Don't worry. I'm not going to disappear anytime soon.

When start a project and pay someone a lot of money, you want to know they aren't going to disappear or do a botched job

Low Risk Factors

  • I have a wife and three little kids, so it's hard for me to disappear or just stop working
  • In 5 years of consulting, I have not (yet, at least!) missed a project budget or timeline commitment
  • I've spent 5 years building a reputation as Mr. Ruby on Rails in Nashville
  • Deployment of code happen early and often, so you always have a working version of your app

Interesting facts about Josh

I converted to Christianity at age 22

I've travelled to 40 countries

I recently broke a 3-year iPhone fast

Bottom Line

I'm really fluent at building apps, but more than that I want to use my whole business knowledge and wider technical expertise to make your app a success. That means building, iterating, writing for the long-haul. If you have a startup or small business that needs a technical advisor who also codes, get in touch!

So I'm interested. What now?

Read about my premium service: MyCTO. That's the easiest and most affordable way to get my help. If that's not a fit, then let's talk about a full-blown consulting gig.

Contact Me

I'm curious and would like to know more

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Come to Nash.rb meetup and say hi.

We meet the first Thursday of the month at Emma's Bistro at 5:30pm. Something like beer and pizza provided. Check the meetup link for details.

Drop in on me while I'm working

I frequently work at The Skillery or Barista Parlor. Drop me an email that you'd like to stop by, and I'll let you know when I'm planning on being out next.


Josh Crews is an independent Startup and Ruby consultant in Nashville, Tennessee.


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