Hi, I'm Josh Crews. I'm an independent app developer and Ruby expert who runs a solo consultancy.

Unlike other solo developers, I'm always thinking about the business results of my work.

I have two services

"I need a Ruby expert"

  • I can solve big problems using Ruby
  • I can remove the pain points from your application growing and scaling

Finding solid, reliable talent is hard. I offer a concierge-level experience for you in taking your Ruby app from A to B.

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"I need a technical co-founder"

I've worked with a lot of startup founders as their contract developer. I've found that the normal way of doing business--spending all your budget perfecting your initial idea, and then launching with much budget left--is a lacking business model

What I offer is a new model: to be your long-haul CTO/developer. We'll launch early and spread out your budget over a longer time span. This will let us acquire early users and fast and adapt the business to new information.

It's called MyCTO.

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I have a great track record

Richard Pullen
GoNoodle (Nashville)

“What I love about working with Josh he can come in to an existing application, understand what our business is, and instantly begin adding value.”

Bryan Clayton
Greenpal (Nashville)

“Josh has been an instrumental part of our team in building the second version of our product. With his guidance we were able to save time and money avoiding missteps in developing our product right the first time. He is our sherpa navigating the complexities of developing a robust web app.”

Taylor Brooks
SimpleDonation (Austin)

“I run a software company processing donations for non-profits. When I called Josh, he was able to dive right into my application and help us with testing and software design. I'd definitly recommend him for anyone who needs an expert in Ruby on Rails.”

My goal is YOUR Return On Investment

You should find working with me 2x, 5x, 10x returned the amount invested.

If we sit down and don't find huge opportunity in working together, I'll tell you up front it doesn't make sense to hire me.

Don't worry. I'm not going to disappear anytime soon.

When you start a project and pay someone a lot of money, you want to know they aren't going to disappear or do a botched job

Low Risk Factors

  • I have a wife and three little kids, so it's hard for me to disappear or just stop working
  • In 5 years of consulting, I have not (yet, at least!) missed a project budget or timeline commitment
  • I've spent five years building a reputation as Mr. Ruby on Rails in Nashville
  • Deployment of code happen early and often, so you always have a working version of your app

If you need "just a coder", I'm not your guy

I provide the most value when I can guide your strategy and design

Short Bio

Josh Crews

I live in Nashville, Tennessee (East Nashville) with my wife and three little kids. I'm a Christian. I founded Nash.rb, the Ruby users group in Nashville. I grew up in Auburn, Alabama; went to college in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; got married and we moved to Nashville in 2005.

I started out on a sales / business / accounting career path, but then fell in love with developing web apps when I saw Ruby on Rails. That caused me to teach myself Ruby on Rails and become an app developer.

Read more on the About page.

So I'm interested. What now?

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Josh Crews is an independent Startup and Ruby consultant in Nashville, Tennessee.


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