I quit dieting forever 2018-02-23

I changed my mind about dieting and promise myself to never diet again ever about 6 days ago.

So I’m starting a blog to write about it.

Imagine the perfect, personalized nutrition app

  • It has all nutritional knowledge
  • It knows your body perfectly
  • It loves you and is only desires your good
  • It knows what foods are available
  • Will ping you exactly what to eat, exactly when to eat it
  • Will recommend foods you love
  • Will never deprive you

This app is already installed! And it’s free! It’s your natural hunger and craving signals.

What’s wrong with dieting?

Diets directly contradict the body’s own wisdom about what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. If the body can be trusted to request the right foods in the right amounts at the right times to be a healthy (not obese) person; then all diets are wrong.

  • Dieting causes the body to rebel when repeatedly refused the foods it wants.
  • Dieting allows the mind to negotiate eating when not hungry because, “I’ll lose the weight from this over-eating when I start dieting again soon”
  • Dieting prescribes you eat foods you aren’t craving.
  • Dieting loses weight through simulating a famine, and the body intentionally regains all the weight after the diet in order to be prepared for the next “famine” when it comes.

The promise of never dieting again

What is the promise I expect from embracing ‘eating in response to hunger’ and ‘never dieting again’?

  1. Live in tune with your body’s desires
  2. Eat all the foods you love and enjoy them without guilt
  3. Never deprive yourself again
  4. Gradually adjust to a healthy, non-obese weight

The Rules

  1. Only eat when hungry
  2. Eat what you want or crave
  3. Stop when not hungry
  4. Promise yourself to never diet again

Why ‘Promise yourself to never diet again’?

  1. You need to release your body from fear of pending famine and deprivation
  2. You need to know what you can eat any food you love, and eat it until your body isn’t craving it more
  3. You have to break the cycle of “deal making” justifying eating before you are hungry because you will make up for it with extra dieting soon

The mentality

Thoughts of a thin person, listening to their body for when and what to eat:

  1. “Am I hungry right now? I can’t tell, I’ll wait because food’s tastes even better when I am definitely hungry”
  2. I can’t wait until I’m hungry again, and I’m going to eat that croissant
  3. That tasted wonderful, I’m full now and will to go the rest


  1. Keep snacks on hand to avoid getting to intense hunger
  2. Quit considering any of these when deciding, “should I eat” a. It’s 12pm b. It’s breakfast time c. I’m at a restaurant d. I’m at a party e. My family members are disappointed f. I’m at a buffet
  3. Don’t care who’s judging you for eating the foods you crave right now— eat that cheesecake, that hamburger, those fries, that ice cream

What about Nutrition

Thought one: Nutrition is important, but “because nutrition” should never justify eating when you are not hungry; or eating something else when you body craves the other food; or depriving yourself from eating what you body is asking for.

Thought two: 30% of what I believe about nutrition is wrong— I just don’t know which 30%. Have your nutrition beliefs changed over the past 10 years? Mine have, mainstream cultures has, sciences has, and the government recommendations have. And they changed from 10 years before that.

So I don’t take my present beliefs about nutrition super-seriously—I’m sure some of them are wrong, and now I want to listen more to what my body is craving.

Loving hunger

Hunger is not pain anymore than the “I need to go potty” signal from your body is pain. Intense hunger can become painful, but I’m not recommending embracing or seeking out intense hunger.

Hunger makes food taste really, really good. Hunger is natural and normal. Hunger is exciting because in a country of plentiful food, it means that there is probably a delicious meal or snack coming soon. When you wait for hunger to eat, when hunger arrives it makes me perk up with excitement about what food I’ll choose next.


I’m just starting my ‘thin mentality’ journey. I’m so, so excited. I hope to write more about this. See you soon!