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SaaS Products

SaaS means Software as a Service. If you got to a website, create an account, and then pay $X per month or year to use it; I probably count that as a SaaS product. Examples are Salesforce, Mailchimp, Github, Basecamp, Zapier, Dropbox Pro, Flickr Pro, Intercom.

SaaS is a great business because customers pay a recurring amount, have low marginal costs, and there's no inventory or physical product to ship.

Most projects I've built since 2009 have been SaaS products. I also am a partner in my own SaaS product,

Marketing Automation software products

My three latest projects are all marketing automation products:

  • Ecos is a product for sending sales presentation decks where the Marketing dept can control the slides and the brand, and the Sales department can quickly build and send slide presentations customized to the prospect. Ecos tracks presentation viewings down to the time spent on each slide, and sends the data back to Salesforce.
  • GiveLoLo is a product for sales teams to send unique, local gifts to all their contacts. GiveLoLo goes out and finds gifts at locally owned businesses like The Lobster Trap in Asheville, NC. Gifts are sent by email and SMS. Email/SMS opens, clicks, and gift redemptions are tracked for sales reporting.
  • DripEmails automates the follow-up of personalized cold outreach emails to lead lists. Emails sync directly to the salesperson's email account, so all emails come from the sales person. When a lead receiving emails replies to a thread, all future outreach emails are canceled. This allows a salesperson to be reaching out to dozens/hundreds of leads at a time and automatically following up with them.
  • Key success factors in building a marketing automation tools are

    • Email integration— scheduling and sending emails with templates
    • Analytics collection and reporting dashboard
    • CRM (like Salesforce) integration
    • Twilio (SMS and calls) integration

    Custom Chrome Extensions— one of the exciting things I’m building is a Chrome Extension for a client. The Chrome extension will make it easy for salespeople using the product to use it while they surf the web prospecting, or are in gmail, or are in SalesForce.

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