I build custom sales and leadgen tools

If you have a sales workflow that is too manual, too repetitive, and too data entry swamped; I work with you to design a solution, and then write custom software that automates it.

Hubspot research found that the top three priorities for sales teams are

For most situations, these problems are best addressed by buying existing software; but if yours is best solved by building something new keep reading.

Examples of software I write:

LinkedIn integrations / automation
Drip email tools

Email outreach automation of personalized emails to prospect lists. Basically clones of Mailshake, Outreach, PersistIQ, Yesware, Toutapp...

Existing drip email software works great, but if you need to build drip emails into a larger project-- something that combines drip emails, CRM, data enrichment, AI, lead clipping, web-scraping, email syncing; I can build a custom app for that.

Custom CRM's

There are 100+ CRMs out there (Salesforce, Pipedrive...); but every industry/company/workflow is different and I can design and write a custom one for your team.


Are your prospects out there on the internet? LinkedIn? Zoom.info? I can write custom web-scrapers that get the contact data and put it in a database, spreadsheet, CRM or campaign.

Email-sync to CRM

Add all your sales team's emails to and from contacts/leads to your CRM automatically. Eliminate BCC syncing emails. I can hook up Gmail/Gsuite/Outlook to populate CRM records with email correspondence.

New sales tool ideas

Do you have a new sales tool idea? I can build it.


Josh is not only a great developer, but a great communicator which is hard to find. His mindset of being focused not just on the technology but the sales and business development side of the business is invaluable.

Jake Jorgovan, leadcookie.com

Through working with josh and listening to his vast experience in a rapid build process, I have no doubt that we are where we are due to his leadership and tactical abilities... Ecos loves Josh Crews

Ben Rigsby, ecosprez.com

Josh is super-productive and very reliable. I trust him for any software project.

Taylor Brooks, dripemails.com

Josh has been a fast, reliable developer for us building LoLo

Matthew Simpson, lolo.gifts

My name is Josh Crews.

I've spent six years as a salesman and nine years as a programmer.

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