Hello, I am

Josh Crews

Elixir Developer in Nashville

About Me

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. My wife and I have five kids. I have built software products for startups since 2010. I have worked with Elixir since 2015. I am devout Christian.

My Experience

11 Years 2010
Ruby on Rails
7 Years 2014

I love Postgres and consider it my secret weapon.

6 Years 2015

Triple Heart Love Elixir

5 Years 2016

If I triple heart love Elixir, I 3/4 one heart love React.

My Services

I work with startup founders as your whole tech/product team to build a business-to-business software product that you plan to sell as a subscription.

My rate is $5,000/wk and minimum budget is $50,000

Email me at [email protected] to start the conversation