Launch a SAAS business to 10 paying customers in 3 months

Dear Founder,

Are you on the cusp of creating a SAAS? I take software startups, build a sales strategy with you, code the software and help you find (and sell) the first 10 customers.

Creating a software business is hard and expensive. It's a long slog and eats up a lot of investment capital.

What I'm trying to do is shorten the time and reduce the investment to getting your first 10 customers.

The way I do this is I'm both a sales consultant and a software consultant in one package.

My secret sauce is that I have years of experience in each field, which is rare. Few salespeople have deep software development experience; most software developers are fearful of sales.


Through working with josh and listening to his vast experience in a rapid build process, I have no doubt that we are where we are due to his leadership and tactical abilities... Ecos loves Josh Crews

Ben Rigsby,

Josh is super-productive and very reliable. I trust him for any software project.

Taylor Brooks,

Josh has been a fast, reliable developer for us building LoLo

Matthew Simpson,
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My name is Josh Crews.

I've spent 9 years building SAAS apps as a software consultant. Most of those apps were amazing as software, but failures as companies.

A study of 3,200 tech startups-- 92% of them could not be found three years later.

What is missing?

What's wrong?

There is a lie at the heart of the startup success mythology-- "build it and they will come."

That's not true. Maybe it's true 2 out of 100 times.

Successful software businesses start with marketing and paying customers first, and work backwards to building a solution for the customers expensive problem.

And the best marketing for a new product company is demos, demos, demos, sales, sales, sales, outreach, outreach, outreach, calling, calling, calling, emailing, emailing, emailing. Calling. Outreach. Sales.

Sales and outreach is the best marketing for a new product because:

  1. It's free. Stalk ideal customers online, email them, call them, tweet them, get a meeting. "Normal" startup marking (Content marketing, click funnels, facebook ads, social media marketing) are ALL GREAT, but they take money and time.
  2. The feedback loop / product validation is much faster doing demos.

Before the nine years of software consulting, I did door-to-door sales for six summers for the Southwestern Company. I cold called to find customers 80 hours a week all summer.

What is the process like:

  1. Plan sales/outreach strategy
    1. What is the ideal customer profile for this product?
    2. What is the "expensive pain" that this product solves?
    3. Generate a list of 100 real people in your ideal customer profile (prospect list)
    4. Begin talking to 10 of them immediately, before building the product
    5. Interview ideal customers in exchange for "Early Access"
  2. Begin building a software product that real customers would pay for (did I mention I'm a software developer?)
  3. Continue reaching out to prospect list, booking meetings, doing demos
  4. Add more features to product
  5. Repeat, repeat until 10 paying customers

Is your startup or startup idea a good fit for me?

Marks of a good match:

  1. It's a software product (because I'm a software developer)
  2. It's delivered via a website the customer logs in to (like a Trello, or Salesforce) (because I build web apps, not mobile apps or desktop apps)
  3. B2B Product. The SAAS is sold to business users. If you product is for consumers, sales isn't a good marketing channel, and my strength is sales.
  4. You are in Nashville (because I am, and want to focus my business on Nashville founders)
  5. You are open to me taking a major role in your initial sales and marketing strategy and efforts

Here's what I think you should do

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