Hi, I'm Josh Crews. I live in Nashville. I'm a Elixir consultant.

I build fast web applications / startups. And I can build them in one week. Price: $6,000

I'm available for hire. Contact me at [email protected] or 615-852-6559

Case Study: Ecos

Ecos is a business-to-business sales deck application used by companies like Emma and HealthStream. I developed version two of their app in Elixir and React.



Through working with josh and listening to his vast experience in a rapid build process, I have no doubt that we are where we are due to his leadership and tactical abilities... Ecos loves Josh Crews

Ben Rigsby, ecosprez.com

Josh is super-productive and very reliable. I trust him for any software project.

Taylor Brooks, dripemails.com

Josh has been a fast, reliable developer for us building LoLo

Matthew Simpson, givelolo.com
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