Hi, I'm Josh Crews. I build web apps and mobile apps. My main focus is SaaS products.

I'm available for hire. Contact me at 615 852 6559 or [email protected]

Who do I serve?

SaaS founders and startups especially in Nashville

What do I do for them?

Magical software development with a little marketing consulting
* My development speed is fast
* My apps are fast
* My communication is comforting

If you are building a software product, I take care of everything technical building the product– front end, back end, ios/android app, servers, databases.

What are my unique positions?

I believe traction is more important than product

I do software development. But I believe “traction” is more important than software development in a startup.

Traction is gaining customers at an accelerating pace. Paul Graham’s standard for startup growth is “10% a month”. If you are growing at 10% a month, things are going to work out.

Great software, but poor traction = failed startup.
Traction, regardless of software quality = successful startup.

When I work with a founder, the founder is responsible for finding traction (generating sales, recruiting users, marketing). But I want to be involved and helping.

Traction book

Highly recommend this book

I believe in Jesus Christ

I became a Christian at age 22 while travelling with my girlfriend in South Africa. The good news of Jesus Christ is that God is love, and in love God became a man like us. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and preached good news to the poor. He died for us, and was raised for us, and he is making all things new. Through faith in him, I am being saved and the world is being saved.

I love the centuries old Christian practices, liturgies, prayers. I highly value weekly communion and the real presence of Christ in the bread and wine.

The girl I was travelling with in South Africa is now my wife. We have four kids.

I love Elixir and Functional Programming

Elixir is the programming language best fitted for web-development. I love it, and you’ll love it too.

Elixir was created to solve concurrency problems for Ruby on Rails that couldn't be solved by improving Ruby. Elixir brings modern web development features and tools to Erlang-- the platform WhatsApp runs on (handling the communication of one billion people).

ARTICLE: What's so great about Elixir

Recent Client Projects


saas, #b2b, #elixir, #react, #postgres

Ecos is a web-based slide presentation tool for companies that have a marketing and sales team. The purpose of the tool is let marketing control the brand assets/slides they want being used in company pitches; while letting sales quickly generate pitch decks and track when they are opened.

Ecos is a product from SnapShot Interactive, a web/video agency in Nashville.

Ecos website

Case Study Video



saas, #b2b, #elixir, #react, #postgres

LoLo is a marketing tool for real estate companies. Large real estate companies send monthly local retail gifts to their buyer/seller contacts in order to stay ‘top of mind’ with their contacts. The challenge in real estate marketing is that consumers go with the real estate agent they have the warmest relationship with when they go to buy and sell. LoLo allows real estate brokers automate “warming” hundreds of contacts at a time with a local gift each month.

LoLo website


Josh is not only a great developer, but a great communicator which is hard to find. His mindset of being focused not just on the technology but the sales and business development side of the business is invaluable.

Jake Jorgovan, leadcookie.com

Through working with josh and listening to his vast experience in a rapid build process, I have no doubt that we are where we are due to his leadership and tactical abilities... Ecos loves Josh Crews

Ben Rigsby, ecosprez.com

Josh is super-productive and very reliable. I trust him for any software project.

Taylor Brooks, dripemails.com

Josh has been a fast, reliable developer for us building LoLo

Matthew Simpson, lolo.gifts
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